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Looking for an escape room in English in Bordeaux ?

Bordeaux is known for the beauty of its city centre (la place de la Bourse, le Miroir d’eau, la Grosse Cloche) and for the international reputation of its wine industry. More and more tourists are attracted by this city every year. But not all of them speak French ! If you are one of them and looking for an original experience during a rainy day, why don’t you try an Escape Room in English in Bordeaux ?

What’s an escape room ?

An escape room is an immersive game where you are locked with your team in a room with a specific theme. Your main objective is escape the room in less than 60 minutes by solving puzzles. 

Englis people call it “escape romm” but it is also called “Escape game” in France, or “quest” in Eastern Europe.

Do I need special knowledges to play an escape room ?

Absolutely not ! You really don’t need to be a mathematics genius or the king of general culture. You will only need observation and collaboration. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the room; they just need to be uncovered. You will not have to use physical strength and you will not have to jump or climb to reach something. 

If you feel blocked, a Game Master can decide to help you during the game. The Game Master will see you and hear you thanks to cameras, so he will not be in the room with you.

What can of theme can I select ?

Most of the theme are inspired by movies or series : Harry Potter, Prison Break, horror movies…

Goodlock escape Bordeaux is one of the few where can you play in English. The most important element inside the room will be translated and the the Game Master will interact with you in English. They propose three different themes inspired by the movies “Seven“, “The Hangover” and “The Godfather“. 

Three different themes in Goodlock Bordeaux that you can play in English 

The Seven Deadly Sins (Les 7 péchés capitaux)

It has been 10 years since the clandestine chapel of the fanatics of the “7 deadly sins” was condemned after the bloody murder of several of its faithful.

The case was covered up by the police and the murderer is still free. Recently, the neighbors have been worried: a mysterious person has been seen in the evening going to the chapel.

Brave or reckless, you have decided to go there to find out what really happened.

Difficulty: medium

More information here

Jackpot (Ticket Gagnant)

After winning the lottery, you celebrated in the local bar where you bought your ticket.  You woke up the next day with no memory of the evening… and without the ticket!  You have 60 minutes to redo the course of your evening and find the ticket to hit the jackpot!

Difficulty: medium

More information here

Mamma Mafia

La Mamma is at the head of a family that has reigned over Bordeaux for more than 100 years.  She is looking for new members today and it looks like you have applied.  To test your skills, La Mamma will therefore submit you to some series of tests, very… special ! But be careful, you could also end up at the bottom of the Garonne river! So, join the family… or betray it?

Difficulty: medium

More information here

How do I book a game ?

Book online here and send us an email (hello@goodlock-escape.fr) to warn us that you want to play the English version of the room

Goodlock escape is located in the city center of Bordeaux. You can come with tramway A or B (station “Hotel de ville” or “Palais de Justice” or by bus (bus number 1, 4, 5, 15, 16, 24). If you come by car, places are free after 7 pm and on Sundays.

If you want to come for a birthday, a bachelor/bachelorette party, we can customize the rooms “Jackpot” (“Ticket Gagnant” in French) and Mamma Mafia with pictures, songs, anecdotes, and many other details !